Builders Clean Checklist

Our Builders Clean Checklist

This is our comprehensive builders clean specification which we follow for the final cleaning of a new build. All our cleaners are fully insured with public liability, workers compensation and hold white cards.

We have a track record having worked with some of Sydney’s most reputable building companies on  residential, commercial, government and industrial building sites. So you can have full confidence that our cleaners will be able to meet your expectations and give you a good quality clean each and every time.

Usually, we only require 48hrs notice to dispatch a fully equipped team to your building site and can even provide last minute service on most occasions.

Builders Clean Specification

  • Sweep, Scrape, and Clean balconies 
  • Clean all of the Electrical Fixtures
  • Clean and wipe away any excess group and vacuum all of the Timber Skirtings
  • Acid Wash Toilet and Laundry Floor Tiles (except sensitive finishes and Porcelain tiles) to totally remove any silicone or paint residue, excess grout, and grout haze.
  • Neutralize Toilet and Laundry Floor Tiles following Acid Wash
  • Clean all Tiled skirtings and toilets and clean & polish tiled skirtings and laundry trough
  • Acid Wash the Master Ensuite Tiles (other than sensitive finishes and Porcelain tiles) to completely remove any silicone or paint residue, excess grout, and grout swirls.
  • Following Acid Washing, Neutralize Master Ensuite Floor Tiles
  • Clean the Ensuite Tiled Skirtings (eliminate any excess grout and grout swirls)
  • Clean Ensuite Vanity Cupboards & Mirror
  • Clean and Polish tiled recess around the tapware and Spa and the Spa Bath
  • Clean Master Ensuite, Shower Base, Shower Screen, and Shower Wall
  • Acid Wash the Bathroom Floor Tiles (other than sensitive finishes and Porcelain tiles) to completely remove silicone or paint residue, excess grout, and grout haze
  • Following Acid Washing, neutralise the Bathroom Floor Tiles
  • Clean the Bathroom Tiled Skirtings
  • Clean Bathroom Vanity & Sink Cupboards, Benchtop, and Mirror
  • Clean and polish Bathroom tapware, bathroom tiles, and bathtub
  • Clean Bathroom Shower Base, Screen, and Walls
  • Clean all of the Robe Shelves
  • Clean and remove all glue and silicone residue from bathroom mirrors and glass
  • Clean and Polish Kitchen Tapware, Sink, and Stone Benchtops
  • Clean and Vacuum Kitchen Draws and Cupboards
  • Eliminate Debris and dust from the Internal Air Vents
  • Sweep, Vacuum & Scrape all of the exposed Concrete Slabs inside of the property for total dust extraction before Carpet is installed.
  • Remove building materials & debris from inside of the property
  • Clean and remove stains from all Internal Doors that have Glass
  • Clean all Windows including the sills and window tracks removing all traces of glue, concrete or mortar
  • Remove plastic off of Windows and protective tapes off of Frames
  • Scrape and Sweep dirt, paint, and grout off of all floors
  • Sweep, vacuum all floors

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Takumi Fuji

Takumi Fuji

Takumi is the owner of TAK Cleaning Services and has been in the cleaning industry since 2001 when he started the company. He currently oversees the operation of the company to make sure the cleaners and customers are happy.