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Cost of Building Clean Ups - Tak Cleaning Services
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What affects the cost of building clean ups?

cost of after building clean ups

There are many factors which effect the final price when it comes to cleaning up after building or renovation so it can be difficult to ascertain the cost without first seeing the job and knowing what is involved.  A few of these factors include –

Did the other tradies clean up after themselves and provide good worksmanship?

For a new build or renovation, a large part of the cost of building clean ups involve cleaning up the defects leftover by your previous trades. For example, if you used a cheap tiler or renderer which smeared grout or concrete everywhere, this will mean your cleaning costs will be higher since removing it requires a lot more time and skills.

Do you need both the interior and exterior cleaned?

Choosing to have the exterior cleaned as well as the interior will add to the cost since cleaning the windows and frames is usually a more complex part of a construction clean up when compared with cleaning the interior which mainly involves dust removal. 

What is the size of the property?

It’s no surprise that the larger the property, the higher the cost. Residential free standing homes / townhouses usually cost more than apartments of the same size since apartments usually require the internal windows to be cleaned (with the exception of the balcony area).

What building materials were used in the build?

Certain materials such as low e glass and marble require much more time and care to take properly, they are also easily damaged so their is an additional cost for cleaning these surfaces. You want to find a cleaning company which factors the additional risk and time required to clean fragile surfaces as this shows they have experience cleaning these types of building materials.

Additional services

Make sure you check the cleaning scope regardless of which company you use as a lot of companies which don’t specialise in post construction clean ups don’t include the external windows and grout defects removal in their quote. Additionally, they don’t have the skills or equipment required to do services such as high pressure cleaning of paved areas or cleaning the windows beyond the first story. This is where a lot of people get caught out, basically paying for what they think is a cheap price for an construction clean up when in fact they’ve actually just paid for an inflated price for a general home clean.

You’ve spent big money building or renovating your home so you definitely want to make sure you get a proper construction clean up after it’s done so you can enhance the look of the finished property.


Takumi Fuji

Takumi Fuji

Takumi is the owner of TAK Cleaning Services and has been in the cleaning industry since 2001 when he started the company. He currently oversees the operation of the company to make sure the cleaners and customers are happy.