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Before you start, make sure you set aside enough time to do a deep clean as it takes much longer than general house cleaning. You should set aside 1 or 2hrs for every single area and more if you have a lot of items you need to sort and declutter. If you are hiring a Deep Cleaning Service to do it, we recommend that you still remove and sort all your small personal items and do a bit of decluttering (eg. your cosmetic products on your vanities) since it’s hard for cleaners to do a good job when they need to also move your small items away before they can start cleaning.

Read the items below or click here to go straight to the printable deep house cleaning checklist

For The Kitchen 

  • Clean the trash can and disinfect it.
  • Clean the microwave both in and out to remove the leftover food particles.
  • Deep clean the dishwasher and remove any food debris left in there after cleaning your utensils.
  • Switch your refrigerator then remove everything in there and clean it. Make sure you reorganize everything for a great look.
  • Clean the oven and the stove top burners.
  • Clean the kitchen drawers then organize them.
  • Vacuum and mop the kitchen floors to make sure they are spick and span. 

Kichen Cleaning


The Dining Room

  • Start by de-cluttering to remove all the unnecessary items in the dining room
  • Dust everywhere before you can scrub the walls
  • Clean the light fixtures and remove all the dust from every part of the dining room
  • Wipe all the chairs and tables in the dining room
  • Clean the rug before replace it

The Bathrooms

  • Start cleaning everything in your bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Clean and disinfect the light fixtures, air vents, light switches, toothbrush holders etc
  • Clean the soap dish and refill it
  • Clean the shower door frame, shower curtain, the liner and the mirror. Don’t forget the mirror, counter tops and any other surface in the bathrooms
  • Scrub the toilets and disinfect them including under the seat and the hinges
  • Remove the shower head and clean it thoroughly.
  • Remove everything in the bathroom closet, clean it then rearrange everything.

Living Room / Family Room

  • Start by removing anything in the living room that doesn’t belong there.
  • Dust everything from the walls to the floor including the ceiling fans and lamps as well as all the electronics in your family room.
  • Clean the windows and wash all the window coverings.
  • Vacuum the carpets and rugs in the living room.
  • Move the furniture around and clean underneath it.

lounge room


  • Remove all the things that don’t belong to the bedroom and take them to the respective rooms. 
  • Dust everything from the walls to the floor including the crown moldings, window sills, baseboards, furniture, pictures, wall hangings etc. 
  • Clean the mirrors, glass, lamps, ceiling fans, light fixtures and many more.
  • Remove all the clothes in your closet and organize them properly.
  • Flip your mattress and make sure it’s clean. 
  • Wash your bedding including pillows, bed sheets, duvets and mattress covers.
  • Vacuum the carpet in your bedroom and the furniture. Move around the furniture to make sure you clean it thoroughly.
Cleaners in the bedroom doing a clean

If you haven’t got the time to do deep cleaning  by yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a cleaning service to help you out. People in Sydney Australia can give us a call on 02 6190 1371 and we’ll be happy to assist.


Paula Jhung

Paula Jhung

Paula is one of the writers for TAK Cleaning Services, house cleaning expert and also the author of a number of best selling books such as Guests Without Grief, how to avoid housework and Cleaning and the Meaning of Life.