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Floor Cleaning Sydney - Tak Cleaning Services
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Floor Cleaning Sydney

We are floor cleaning experts and have a comprehensive range of solutions for cleaning and restoring hard floors in Sydney. The floor cleaning professionals in Sydney at TAK Cleaning Services are equipped with effective tools and knowledge to clean all types of floors regardless of whether it is hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl, stone or tiled floors.

When you call us, our floor cleaning professionals will assess your flooring and determine the best way to clean and restore them.

Stripping & Sealing Hard Floors

Floor materials that don’t have an integral layer of protection like the glaze applied to some forms of tile need to be sealed for their own protection. Any sort of material with a porous surface can absorb pollutants, making the surface unhealthy and spoiling its appearance. This potential problem is especially important with wood floors, but it applies to other materials, like many types of stone, as well.

You can only seal a floor properly if you remove any existing sealant before applying a new product. Read an in-depth description of our stripping and sealing services here.

Keeping hardwood, stone, and tile floors looking their best requires more than just the occasional mopping. It’s important to match the cleaning techniques and products used to the specific floor material being cleaned. Applying the wrong product can do permanent damage to your floor and be expensive to fix.

This is why we offer expert floor cleaning, restoration, graffiti removal and maintenance services throughout Sydney. We have the perfect method for any floor, no matter what material it’s made out of or what condition it’s in.

Cleaning Tile And Grout

Stone and ceramic tile are common choices for flooring in areas that see a lot of traffic and a lot of moisture. Examples include kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, and mudrooms. We offer a specialised deep-cleaning service to get unwanted pollutants out of tiles and stones as well as the grout around them. Mere mop-cleaning is not enough to get your grout clean, and it also does an incomplete job on tricky relief tile floors. We use professional-grade hot water extraction equipment to thoroughly sanitize your flooring. This works on marble, granite, ceramic, terracotta, and natural stone floors. We will leave your floor looking shiny and new — and also fully disinfected! Learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services here.

Cleaning Vinyl Composite Tile

VCT is a very common flooring material that’s particularly common in commercial properties. Although it’s very durable, it needs to be cleaned and maintained properly to preserve its lustre. To give vinyl floors the thorough, long-lasting shine you want, we use a commercial floor buffer (a rotary cleaner) to deliver the best possible results. This technique can also be used effectively on certain types of wood floors.

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Floor Cleaning Service

How Our Sydney Hard Floor Cleaning Service Works

We dispatch our cleaning specialists to your home or business fully equipped with all the tools and cleaners they’ll need to clean your floors. Here’s how the process works:


  1. They assess your floor and plan out a cleaning technique that best fits the material and its condition – this is especially important if it is for after builders cleaning
  2. They vacuum thoroughly to remove surface dirt.
  3. The most suitable cleaning product is tested on a discreet patch of flooring to ensure it does not cause unwanted reactions.
  4. If the product works, it is sprayed over the whole floor.
  5. Separate machinery is used to perform the most effective deep cleaning on wood, ceramic, or stone floors.
  6. If needed, the floor is dried.
  7. Floor protection (sealant, polish etc) is applied if required.