Full Time Working Mum Cleaning Schedule

Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world but it can feel like you never have much time to do anything else but take care of the children. Add a fulltime job in as well and it can become absolutely overwhelming which means some cleaning tasks will likely get put off more often than not. 

However, there is a way for you to come up with a simple and easy cleaning schedule that works best for you. It is all about fitting cleaning in here and there until you have managed to get things done. When you neglect the cleaning tasks for too long, the house will become way too cluttered and dirty, and that is why it is necessary to have a cleaning schedule in place.

Full time Working Mum Cleaning Schedule

Handle a Few Tasks Each Day

Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to get the entire house clean in one day, focus on handling a few tasks each day. Create a schedule that makes sense for you based on the activities that you have planned with your children. The schedule that you create should look something like this:

Monday – Vacuuming carpeted floors, sweeping hardwood floors, and mopping

Tuesday– Dusting surfaces and wiping down walls

Wednesday – Wash clothes and linen, dry them, fold everything, and put it all away

Thursday– Wiping down mirrors, cleaning the fridge, and scrubbing countertops

Friday – Picking up any mess in the bedrooms and quickly cleaning the bedrooms

Saturday – Scrub the toilet, wash the sink, and clean the bathtub

Sunday – Clean cluttered areas throughout the home

Work Around Your Daily Schedule

It is important to complete these tasks around the schedule that you currently have with your children. For example, when you first get up in the morning, you may not have a lot of time to clean because you need to give the children baths and get their breakfast prepared. However, while the children are eating, you can take that extra time to start vacuuming a room, wiping down a specific area of the home, or even throwing some laundry in the washing machine.

After breakfast, you may want to spend some quality time with the children. You can read books and get the children to complete different activities, such as puzzles and colouring with crayons and a colouring book. When the children are distracted, it is a good time to start working on some of your to-do lists. If the children take a nap during the day, you should also take advantage of nap time by attempting to get as much cleaning completed during that time. Once the children are asleep for the night, complete small tasks and then relax after having such a long day. 

It might seem impossible to keep a home clean when you are a full-time mom, but there are ways to work around your hectic schedule and get things done. If you can spend a bit of time completing a few chores each day, you can keep your home in great condition without feeling so overwhelmed and worn out. Work around your schedule and complete tasks when the children are eating, napping, or sleeping for the night.


Paula Jhung

Paula Jhung

Paula is one of the writers for TAK Cleaning Services, house cleaning expert and also the author of a number of best selling books such as Guests Without Grief, how to avoid housework and Cleaning and the Meaning of Life.