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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost in Sydney - Tak Cleaning Services
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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost

With our modern busy lifestyle, more and more people looking to hire home cleaning services to help them with the house chores. But you also wonder about house cleaning cost in Sydney, and if they will be worth it. Hence the purpose of this article. In addition to discussing the motivation behind hiring experts, some insight regarding the cost is provided as well.

Some Reasons For Hiring Professional House Cleaners 

Even though the purpose of hiring professionals is to keep your home clean, there are different reasons for finally reaching this conclusion. This is because everyone has different needs at the end of the day. And to give you some idea of why homeowners take the leap and call experts, these are some of the common reasons.

– When you are balancing a family and professional life, you simply do not have time for proper cleaning

– You like to host events or parties but hate cleaning up afterwards 

– You are expecting special guests for the weekend and you want the place to look perfect 

– When you finally decide you need some quality time for fun

The truth is that house cleaning services can benefit you in so many ways, it is hard to choose just one reason. And now that the motivation has been covered, it is time to look at the factors that influence the cost of house cleaning in Sydney. 

So What Does House Cleaning Cost?

There is no straight answer for what the cost will essentially come to. Given the different situations and variables, companies tailor their prices according to every client. But on average the cost ranges between $35-$50 an hour for cleaners which provide their own equipment and supplies and between $30-$40 an hour for cleaners which use your equipment and supplies. The cleaners at the higher end of the scale are also usually more experienced and will be able to provide a few other services from time to time including helping you clean some windows or do some oven cleaning whereas the cheaper cleaners usually can’t do much more than the regular mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

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Factors That Influence The Cost 

– The size of your home is one of the most important factors 

– The number of rooms that need to be cleaned

– The levels of the house if applicable

– The type of cleaning you are looking for 

– The location of your house 

– The number of times you decide to use the company within a month or week

– The cleaning company in question

Depending on additional factors like kids and pets, you can ready yourself to pay about $100 for a 2-bedroom unit, which is about 100 square meters. For a 3-bedroom, the price goes up to around $125. Whereas a 4-bedroom house can usually cost around $250. 

Possible Additional Charges 

The cleaning company will be very clear about cleaning needs that require extra charges. For example, the windows, fridge, oven and carpets add to the price. So make sure to discuss this with the company before you make a final decision. 

How To Find The Best House Cleaning Company In Sydney?

Some final thoughts to leave you with, here are some suggestions on how to choose a cleaning company –

– Research how much experience the company has 

– Look at reviews 

– Pay attention to the customer service 

– Competitive prices 

– Ask for references 

If weekly or fornightly cleaning is too much for you cost wise then you can follow our instructions on how to keep your home organised and tidy. This will mean you can reduce the number of visits and just get our cleaners into the home once every month or two for a spruce up.