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Should Builders Cleaning Up After Themselves? - Tak Cleaning Services
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Should Builders Clean Up After Themselves?

should builders clean up after themselves

In the vast majority of cases, it is the customers responsibility to clean up after the builder or contractor has finished with the building work.

Unless your building contract specifies that a clean is included in the price.

Unfortunately, many home owners wrongly assume the builder would clean up after themselves and hand over a property which they can move straight into. This just isn’t the case unless it is stated in the building contract so it is always a good idea to ask specifically about the cleaning before you start your contract.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after construction is completed?

If you find yourself asking this question then just check the terms and conditions of the contract you signed with your builder, if it doesn’t say specifically that the post construction cleaning will be included in the build then you are out of luck and will need to organise the cleaners yourself out of your own pocket.

We provide builders cleaning in Lindfield NSW 2070 and surrounding areas in Sydney and Lower and Upper North Shore so give us a call if you need help with this.

You only need to look in the renovation forums to see the amount of people that didn’t expect or budget for the need to have a professional cleaners clean the property at the end of their project –

Steven from Sydney says

I have currently got some builders in my flat and they have been doing some electrics in my bathroom.
They have left (over the weekend) an unholy mess of dust all around the flat. They’ve left all the doors open so that the dust has spread into bedrooms and the living room / kitchen, making our job after the builders have gone that much bigger / harder.
Shouldn’t they have put up dust sheets, door covers and the like … and definitely not left doors open when doing the work?
Is it something I can force them to legally do after they have finished the main job (at their cost)?


John Says

I had tradesmen come in a do my flooring. They removed tiles to do the job and had to grind back the concrete and there is dust EVERYWHERE from the grinding. Is it my responsibility or their responsibility to get cleaners in?


As you can see, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to be under the impression that builders should be cleaning up after themselves.

If your project has already started then it is highly advisable to take steps to reduce the builders mess. First of all, cover all electrical items with plastic bags or wrap them with something similar. Dust can get anywhere and not getting it removed can impact your quality of life and also cause premature wear and tear to window seals and floors over time. Once the construction is underway, do not hesitate to do little clean-ups every day. Small amounts of dust are easier to get wiped away and would reduce the likelihood of having a large cleaning bill at the end of the project.


Takumi Fuji

Takumi Fuji

Takumi is the owner of TAK Cleaning Services and has been in the cleaning industry since 2001 when he started the company. He currently oversees the operation of the company to make sure the cleaners and customers are happy.